Who is Dave Ramsey? (and why you need to know)

who is dave ramsey

Who is Dave? This is Dave!

Hey all,

Andy here, boy am I on a roll with the posts. Nice to give Em a break, she does such a great job!

I want to introduce you to someone special today: someone who could be very important to you if you want to get some really detailed and pro advice on getting out of debt. Dave Ramsey. I wish I could tell you Dave is my friend, he seems like a cool guy.

I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but I love his books. They’ve been a big inspiration to me and Em, so I wanted to introduce you to Dave and his writing.


Who is Dave Ramsey?

Dave is one of America’s most trusted authorities on all things related to debt and money. He worked himself out of a pretty dark hole of debt (he was even bankrupt) and is now a TV host, radio host, author….. he is busy. And all of his work is to help people get out of debt. Pretty cool, huh?

Rather than listen to me blabber on like I have a bro crush, why don’t you watch this short video and Dave can tell you more himself:

Dave helps millions of different people, whether they are families who are struggling, or a big corporation. Dave is a pro at sorting everyone out.


His advice is awesome, then?

Yeah. I think it’s really awesome. He’s very popular, and six of his books have been best sellers on many of the top bestselling lists, such as the New York Times. Let’s take a look at two of his most popular ones (we’d be here all day if I reviewed all six, that’s valuable time you could be spending reading one of the books!)

1. The Total Money Makeover (a proven plan for financial fitness)

This is Dave’s most popular book, and is all about “whipping your finances into shape”. It who is dave ramseyeven has a classic edition! This is the one I have. It sits next to our computer and I flick through it all the time. I read it cover to cover when I first bought it, there is such a wealth of fantastic information inside.

It has 13 chapters, each with enticing titles such as “Save $1000 fast” and “Live like no one else”. See why I couldn’t put it down? Dave actually makes reading about debt interesting, and kinda cool. We try to replicate that vibe here, but we’re definitely still working on it.

Don’t just trust me though, out of more than 1000 reviewers on Amazon, 93% gave this book four stars or more. It’s helping thousands of people, so it can help you, too.


 2. The Financial Peace Planner

who is dave ramsey

Looks a bit old school, but trust me. It stands up to the test of time.

Ok, so the best selling book is Financial Peace, but I wanted to share the planner with you because you can actually use it as well as reading it. This one is more of a practical tool. You read the chapter, then fill in your goals and plans for the week (or whatever timeframe you choose). My favorite thing about this is that the goals are not just to do with money. Dave wants to make sure you’re looking after yourself, your family and your body too, because to improve your financial shape, you’ll want to be in a good place in other aspects of your life too.

The planner is very easy to read, Dave uses a lot of examples and stories, which certainly helps me relate to what he’s talking about.



So off you go then, grab yourself a nice mug of coffee and one of Dave’s books. Then come right back here and tell me what you thought.


Happy downsizing,



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image 1 by Jessica Adkins, CC 2.0, https://flic.kr/p/aUq8Wp

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