The Swagbucks review: legit money earner or waste of time?

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Em here today.

There are a lot of coupon and reward programs out there, which can be great to help you the swagbucks reviewsave money, or generate a bit of cash for a few luxury items you might not be able to afford otherwise. But how much will you really save? What is the earning potential? Is it worth your time? Today we’re taking a look at a very popular and long-running programs Swagbucks.

Name: Swagbucks


Price: free

Rating: C

Swagbucks is free to join, but read the Swagbucks review to decide if it’s really worth your while.


What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks describes itself as an “online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars”. It’s been around since 2005, and has thousands upon thousands of users. It’s a legit program.

How it works

You sign up, and then have nine different options for earning Swagbucks, which you then redeem for gift cards and coupons.


the swagbucks review


Looks pretty good, doesn’t it. Who wouldn’t want to earn credit for watching videos or searching the web?!

Who is Swagbucks for?

  • It’s pretty simple to use, so it could be for anyone
  • People with lots of free time
  • People who want to earn a few vouchers here and there, but are not serious about making an income from the program they sign up for
  • People who enjoy taking surveys or voting in polls



  • Free to join
  • Good range of reward programs, including cash out via PayPal
  • Lots of different ways to earn Swagbucks
  • Easy and fun to use

These are some pretty cool pros and Swagbucks is definitely not a scam. So what’s the flipside?



  • You have to answer lots of qualifying questions for lots of the surveys
  • The amount of Swagbucks you can earn watching videos is capped quite low at 150 per day
  • Only available in five countries at the moment (USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia)
  • Their search engine isn’t as powerful as Google
  • Takes a very long time to accumulate

In our opinion, the major con with Swagbucks is the amount of time you have to spend accumulating them to get rewards back. A common earnings example is one $10 Amazon gift card per month. That’s nice, but is it really worth your time?

That is the major reason for the C rating.

Couldn’t you be doing something more worthwhile to help boost your income and downsize your debt?


Em and Andy, would you guys use it?

Nah. It’s legit, but we’ve got better things to do with our time, like website building. That’s a much better way to make cash, but we’ll admit it’s harder work (but still fun, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching your own creation come together).

So how does Swagbucks stack up against our favorite program you can join online for free? Let’s see.

Sure, there’s more work if you join Wealthy Affiliate, but you gotta admit that there’s a whole lot of benefits, besides the obvious one of being able to create extra income.


So what are you going to do? Play with Swagbucks or create an online empire?


Happy downsizing,




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  • Ben Clardy

    Ok, you’ve got me curious about the Wealthy Affiliate program. I’m going to be doing some research on them and determine if I want to go in that direction and enroll in their program. Real quick though –

    How would you rate their program in terms of the level of detail they provide?

    • Em

      Hey Ben,

      Yeah, Wealthy Affiliate is great. The best way to do some research on them would be to join as a free starter member and have a really good dig around the site. This is how Andy and I started with them, and we’ve never looked back!

      In terms of the level of detail provided, it is a very thorough program. It’s become our one stop shop for everything we need to know, it’s helped us enormously. However, for a beginner, there is almost too much information on there, so I’d advise you to start with the introduction page and go forward from there.

  • Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hello Em , I have been trying to participate in SwagBucks since April with no chance.But now as I was reading your review I know it is only accessible to a few countries.And why they did not tell me that when I had emailed them and they answered?..It was so easy.Anyway , so you say that this program is only for a few bucks ,nothing serious?..only $10 amazon gift card per month , is that an average earning?

    Now I feel disappointed , let’s hope that when they expand to more countries they will change their policies.

    In no case I can compare website building with earning coupons and gifts.I think after all , all these surveys , rewards and stuff are for old people that can’t work much and they can use a computer from time to time to earn some extra bucks.

    • Andy

      Hi Tasos,

      Yeah, it’s annoying Swagbucks is only offered to such few countries, but I’m glad we can’t use it here in New Zealand because it means we won’t waste any time trying to earn credits on it! $10 per month seems to be an average earning, you could get more if you referred others to Swagbucks or spent a lot of time on it though.

      I know website building is no real comparison to a coupon/gift scheme, but really wanted to highlight to people that if they are serious about making money online, website building is the way to go. Anyone can do it, we don’t have any special skills, even “old” people can do it with the help of something like Wealthy Affiliate. But you’re right, it does take a lot of time (but then again, so does couponing).

  • Fidel

    Great post on Swagbucks. I have heard about it. And just like everyone else i felt or thought it was too good to be true but from your post it sounds like it is a legit business.

    I think i will give it a try. But what i will like to know is, is the payment made worldwide?

    I am asking this because of the gift vouchers they give out. Again if a person doesn’t have a Paypal account, how can such a person receive payment?

    • Andy

      Hi Fidel,

      Glad you enjoyed our post.

      Payment is made via lots of different methods. If you want actual money, you can choose to use paypal. Otherwise, you choose the vouchers you want, but if you want cold hard cash, you have to use paypal. You can only use Swagbucks if you live in one of the five countries listed in the post though, so just check that before you sign up.

  • Nadia

    I can fully relate to wanting to earn money online by submitting surveys and such. However, I found out early on that the amount of time it takes to make just a little bit of profit is makes the whole thing not worth it.

    Thank you for writing an honest review of Swagbucks. It really does help that there are people online writing with integrity instead of just promoting whatever they can.

    • Em

      Thank you Nadia :) our philosophy is to be straight up, honest, and helpful at all times!

      And gee, surveys are such a waste of time, aren’t they?! I’m glad you saw through the whole thing quickly, hope you’re making money online with something else. Check out our review of Wealthy Affiliate for more info on a totally legit way to make money.

  • Pete

    I completely agree with your review. While you’re right, one can definitely earn a few nice perks while using Swagbacks on the side, this wouldn’t be the most optimal way to say “downsize your debt!” I really liked your review on Wealthy Affiliate however and looks to be a more realistic way to make an online income. While I have heard of some people actually making a good income with Swagbacks, one should also realize that this is mainly a result of them getting thousands of referrals to the program.

    • Em

      Thanks Pete, glad you liked our review :)

      We’ve heard of a couple of people making money with Swagbucks too, but like you say, you have to refer lots of people into the program for that to happen, which sounds like a lot of hard work to us! Have you had any success with it?

      We’ll continue to make Wealthy Affiliate our top recommendation as it’s absolutely a better way for people to make an online income.

  • NemiraB

    Hello here. I registered to Swagbucks, but lost my interest because it is a waste of time. I tried to play videos, but they were short and to accumulate money, I would sped my valuable time for nothing, maybe half a dollar. One more thing. I did not learn anything, just understand what it is about. As Kyle, owner of Wealthy Affiliate told, that we better would spend time to learn real things, such as how to create business online. With such enormous amount of knowledge, provided in WA, we can earn hundred times more through this time, which would be spent in Swagbucks website.
    Thanks for information, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Andy

      You are so right Nemira, and what you describe seems to be a common theme with people using Swagbucks. It’s great if you want to just have a bit of fun on the internet, but creating your own business is always going to trump gimmicks like Swagbucks.

      I’m glad you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, it really is the best place to learn to set up your business, and you can do it for free! Heck, people even have fun going through the training, so you can’t lose. We actually wrote a review of it here, for any other curious readers wondering what we’re talking about :)

  • NemiraB

    Hello here. I registered to Swagbucks, but lost my interest because it is a waste of time. I tried to play videos, but they were short and to accumulate money, I would spend my valuable time for nothing, maybe half a dollar. One more thing. I did not learn anything, just understand what it is about. As Kyle, owner of Wealthy Affiliate told, that we better would spend time to learn real things, such as how to create business online. With such enormous amount of knowledge, provided in WA, we can earn hundred times more through this time, which would be spent in Swagbucks website.
    Thanks for information, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Em

      Hey Nemira,
      Yeah, Swagbucks can be kinda entertaining, but we totally agree. If you’re looking to make money online, your time is wasted there.
      Kyle is a smart guy, and a good teacher. As you say, people would be much better off investing their time learning how to make a business because
      1) that will make them more money in the long run and
      2) learning is very satisfying and motivating, rather than just being entertained. Why not have both :)
      We hope others read our review of Wealthy Affiliate and some of our other articles on starting an online business (we’ve even got website building for total beginners)
      All the best to you,

  • Ingrid

    Hi Emily, I love the Headline “Downsize your Debt”, brilliant. Like any business that is going through fiscal constraints, the first thing to do is downsizing. Our debt should be viewed in the same light. I cannot over state the importance of having reviews like these to help persons who are on a quest for greater financial empowerment to know what’s legit or not. Good one!

    • Em

      Hi Ingrid,

      Thanks! Yep, the last thing we want people to do is get sucked into scams that put them into even more debt! We’ll be doing more reviews on these scams as they pop up to keep our readers safe!

      In the meantime, if you want to check out an education program that will teach you to build your own legitimate business (with hard work and real world advice) then make sure to read our review of the program that has helped us set this site up : Wealthy Affiliate

  • Matthew C.

    Swagbucks from my experience seems to revolve around the offers and not the surveys. The surveys themselves are limited and not worth the time you put into them. There are many better survey related sites out there that would not waste your time like Swagbucks. It’s a template style offer page more or less. One survey site people seem to have more luck with is . The success varies from person to person on the specific surveys they do but they do have more success than the low paying survey/offer sites out there.

    • Em

      Hey Matthew,
      Thanks for your comment :)
      We totally agree with you, Swagbucks is a waste of time if you’re looking to make money. I haven’t heard of that survey link you mention, I’ll make sure to check it out for our readers. Those who are really serious about making some online income would benefit from learning the first steps to building their own website though, as they’ll end up making a lot more money than they ever could with any survey. No doubt that surveys can be a bit of fun for a small amount of cash though.

  • Jack

    Hi Emily

    Love your article, I was wondering if swag buck and wealthy affiliate is actually a similar business model, I know a little about wealthy affiliate an understand it is a affiliate platform.

    however swag bucks im not really sure what is is and f you could earn a full time income through it?

    I would love to know your opinion on the above thank you

    • Em

      Hi Jack,

      As we point out in the article, we think Swagbucks is a bit of a waste of time if you’re really looking to earn money. I think we give a pretty good description of it too, so all the info you need should be right there rather than repeating it in a comment :)

      Swagbucks is alright if you just want to make a little bit on the side and aren’t interested in really building your own business, which we would always recommend Wealthy Affiliate for.

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