The Empower Network review: 2015

the empower network review 2015

Empower Network is basically a pyramid scheme

Hey all, Andy here today.

I hope you enjoyed Em’s 5 Dollar Dinners review, we love sharing such positive sites that can really help you with your finances.

Today, we’re reviewing a product from the other side: this is one we want you to steer well clear of. Why are we sharing this with you? Because we believe getting involved with this company is going to create bad debt for you. We want to warn you about their scheme, which at surface value appears to be an attractive way to make money online.

I’m talking about an online money making company called The Empower Network, this is our review for 2015. I’ll say right now: any links we provide for you to click through to the Empower Network are there for your information only. These are not affiliate links, we don’t want to be associated with them in any way!

Name:  The Empower Network


Price: from $25 per month (but many end up spending thousands)

Grade: D

It’s important you read the rest of the review before you go off and look at their website, their marketing is very powerful.

What is the Empower Network?

The Empower Network describes itself as a “technology, personal development, and direct sales company”. It was founded by Dave Wood in 2011. It has a large blogging community (they report having >150,000 members in June 2015) and it’s own blogging system.

With Empower Network, you will be taught how to set up a website, which you then use to sell their information products. At the moment, these products are:

  • Kalatu blogging system (available as basic or premium)
  • Inner circle mindset training (audio recordings from top entrepreneurs)
  • Top producer formula (a video education course and instruction manual)
  • Team building formula (another video course)
  • Mass influence formula (yet another video course)

The video courses are all education packages that teach you how to run a business online. The Kalatu blogging system is the blogging platform you would use to set up your own Empower Network website.

Once you have your business set up and are selling products, you make money by recruiting other people to the network. If the people you recruit set up a business and sell the products too, you get a share of their commissions. And so on, down the line. Another word for this is pyramid selling: the further up the chain you are, the more money you make.


Who is the Empower Network for?

It’s for people that want to have a go at making money online. But they need to be people that have a substantial amount of cash they can part with up front to make that happen. I’d suggest that if you have debts, then it is probably not for you.


Best things about the Empower Network:

  • very inspiring videos and great marketing
  • interesting and engaging blog
  • they are very upfront about how many of their affiliates actually make money, and what the income breakdown looks like. We think this transparency is great.


Worst things about the Empower Network

  • very vague about what you will actually be doing: I’ve spent a good hour on their website this morning, and I’m still not really sure exactly what their members do or what their businesses look like
  • it’s a pyramid scheme
  • no try before you buy and the products are very expensive
  • you have to pay a monthly “administration fee” if you want to get paid for the commissions you earn. I think that’s crazy!
  • 10% of commissions earned are held back for 6-8 months, and no good reason is given. Why?!

Empower Network price

Kalatu blogging platform starts at $25 per month, and this is the minimum investment you can make. If you want to make money, you have to add on your $19.95 “admin fee”, so you’re at $45 per month for just the basic stuff.

Inner circle membership is $100 per month.

The three video products  (Top producer formula, etc) have a one off cost of $500-3500. That sounds like a heck of a lot of money to watch some videos.

You can see that if you were to use all these products yourself, which you would probably need to if you wanted to have a good chance of selling them, you are looking at spending thousands. I just don’t think it will be worth it: check out their income report:

the empower network review 2015

Em and Andy, would you guys use the Empower Network?

Nope, no way! We don’t have that kind of money to put into online marketing. Empower Network asks for a lot of cash up front, without much detail of how their system really works, which is just way too big a risk. You should think very carefully before joining them. We think pyramid schemes are dodgy, and Empower Network is basically a pyramid scheme.

If you’re going to try to make money online, we’d advise you steer clear of Empower Network too. The system we use, Wealthy Affiliate, is much better value for money, more transparent, and you can try it for free.



Empower Network may help you get ahead with making money online, but it will cost you a lot. The way you make money is by getting other people to join the network and sell the products, so they have to spend a lot of money too. I think that’s a bit shady.

Our verdict: not recommended. D for don’t do it, there are better options out there for you.

If you have any experiences with Empower Network, we’d love to hear some inside stories. Please leave us a comment.


Happy downsizing,



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  • Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    I had tried to make an account with Empower Network in the past but I had cancelled my membership.Can’t remember exactly why…Something turned me off…!!..

    Is their presentation starting with Dave sitting in a luxury hotel room zooming in a diamond million dollared watch to tease the people for joining in.?

    Many bad reviews about Empower Network online , everybody says it is an MLM scheme , which I tend to avoid.One more negative review today from you….May be it’s the beginning of the end for them , what you think Andy.?

    • Andy

      Hi there,
      I’m glad you cancelled your membership, it sounds like a rip off to us! And yes, that video of Dave on the welcome page is annoying…. I think it’s the music. But all that aside, I really hope people see through their marketing and that this review helps some people out!


  • Johnathan Tarter

    This is a very helpful and accurate review that will help people stay clear of this scheme. I’m happy to see more people like you are exposing this scam for what it is. It will definitely help keep people from wasting their money and going into debt. Keep up the great work!

    • AndyandEm

      Thanks Johnathan, I’m glad you found the review helpful. We definitely don’t want people wasting their money on schemes like this!

  • San

    Hello Andy,

    I did not join Empower Network either, for different reasons than yours. I did not know that having a lot of spendable cash would or could influence the outcome of what I call a scam.
    You are right about them being vague in everything and not letting you know exactly what it is they are trying to sell other than a load of you know what.
    I am amazed they have the ability to remain in business this long, just goes to show you what the power of advertising with smoke and mirrors.
    Great article, you will save a lot of pain for people.

    • Em

      Thanks San, I’m glad you managed to avoid the Empower Network too.

      I’m also amazed that they are still going, and yes! They are so vague! I like facts and up front information, so that drove me nuts about them.

  • Chris

    I used to see this network advertised on nearly every corner of the ‘earn online’ sector of the internet. They must of had a tidal wave of affiliates behind them!
    It’s a shame that we now know most of these affiliates probably went home with a hole in their wallets!
    Thanks for this review – it’s nice to finally find out how this poor, poor product worked.
    What would be your alternative to this type of scheme?

    • Em

      I know! We can’t believe how much influence they had, and how many people would have been sucked in.

      I’m glad you enjoyed our review, we’d recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the most legit way to make money online, you can read about it in our top recommendation.

      Thanks for the comment :)

  • Fidel

    I am a bit confused.

    Is Empower Network a SCAM?D

    Because from what I just read on your site and your conclusion, it shows that they aren’t a scam but it is a program that doesn’t favor people with little income.

    So I don’t get why you are creating the impression as if they are a scam.

    • Em

      Hi Fidel,

      I think it would be a little bit unfair to call it a scam, because they’re actually quite upfront with how it everything works. However, you do have to pay to be a member of their affiliate program, which we totally disagree with.

      So no, we haven’t called it a scam. Others might. As long as everyone saves their money and doesn’t buy into the Empower Network!

  • Todd

    I’m a big fan of websites which expose online businesses for what they are….a money grabbing exercise. I’m sure there is some benefit for a small percentage of people, but unless the majority of people are going to find it useful, it is a scam in my eyes. Thanks for exposing The Empower Network.

    • Andy

      Hey Todd,

      Yeah we think the Empower Network is a big fat ripoff, stay away! You’re right about it being of benefit to a few though, and at least EN discloses that so I wouldn’t call it a total scam.

      We’d never recommend something we couldn’t try for free first though!

  • Jay

    I’m glad I found this article. I was actually thinking about joining empower network. It seemed like a pyramid scam to me too. I’m glad I didn’t do it.

    I am signed up with Wealthy Affiliate though. It’s way different than network marketing or multi-level marketing. It feels much more comfortable and you don’t have to lie to people or screw people over.

    How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate for?

    • Em

      Hi Jay,

      Super glad you found Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a much nicer place to get started with an online business.I shiver when I think how close we got to getting sucked into some of those marketing schemes out there! We reviewed Wealthy Affiliate very closely before we joined and paid any money, now we have happily been part of it for 4 months and will be there for a long time yet. We’ll see you inside Wealthy Affiliate then :)

  • ChazzBrown

    I absolutely could not resist the challenge of checking out the site if only to see what kind of marketing chops those guys have. My take on the “million dollar” ring was that it was incredibly ugly. (So are most super bowl rings but I would wear one with pride if I earned it)

    I’d rather wear jewelry that proclaimed I have good taste rather than demonstrate how successful I am. Would my preference change if I were actually a million dollar earner?

    I hope to find out one day.

    Their “flagship” product the Kalatu blogging system promises to be “viral” right out of the box. A pretty substantial claim before a word of content has been written.

    I was unable to discover the actual price because they wanted way more information than just name and email address in order to go past the first couple of pages.

    You are right that they are very vague about what you are actually getting for your money. I would want more details than they give you before even purchasing a $7 dollar product.

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