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Hey all, Andy here today.

I’m reviewing another “make money online” product today. We’re going to do these the coffee shop millionaire reviewregularly, because there’s a lot out there, and you need to know if they’re worth your time and money.

The product we’re looking at is one with a very provocative name… Coffee Shop Millionaire. Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Becoming a millionaire by sitting in a coffee shop…… hey. It’s alright to have a little daydream sometimes! But can you become a coffee shop millionaire? Will this product live up to its name? Read our Coffee Shop Millionaire review (2015) for everything you need to know today.


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Owner:  Anthony Trister


Price: $37 initially, into the thousands if you buy their “upsells”

Grade: C – (5 out of 10)

We think Coffee Shop Millionaire is shonky. Read on to find out why.


What is Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Anthony (the owner), describes Coffee Shop Millionaire as a “hands free” system. a “blueprint that will do most of the work for you”. He’ll tell you he is making over $100,00 per month using this system he’s created.

If you do visit the website, you’ll find a video of Anthony, offering the good life, walking past luxury yachts. Going to a coffee shop. The video is quite long, I didn’t time it but it’s at least half an hour. You can watch it here if you really want, but I’ll save you the time and give you the outline below.

Coffee Shop Millionaire is a video series

It is broken down into:

Video 1: “Cash on Demand Principle”. Anthony says he will teach you strategies to develop “hands off income”.

Video 2: You’ll learn how to multiply your online income streams.

Video 3: You’ll learn to “increase, amplify, and scale up your income (don’t those words all mean the same thing… where’s Em. She’s better with the grammar stuff). You’ll also learn the “connector” strategy, which is basically about how to set up an email list.

Coffee shop millionaire xray spex: Anthony walks you through exactly how one of his websites is making money.

Anthony talks about there being three principles to making money online. To him, they are:

 1. Not quitting your job before you make money online (we think this is good advice, too, otherwise it’s a massive risk). Anthony actually has a good analogy that making online income being like planting seeds that grow and flourish.

2. You can make money online without specialized knowledge. We agree with this, too. Check out our Websites for Beginners article.


3. When you have a system that works, follow it closely.This sounds sensible. Particularly as the internet is a very distracting place, and it is easy to get diverted off the path you started on. FOCUS!


Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire for?

the coffee shop millionaire review

Do you think these people are working hard at becoming “coffee shop millionaires?”


Coffee Shop Millionaire is marketed towards people who want to be able to be their own boss, make their office wherever they can connect to the internet (hence the coffee shop analogy), and want to make some money online.

This sounds like it could suit quite a lot of people, doesn’t it? After all, who doesn’t want more freedom with their time and finances?


Best things about Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • Anthony does  warn you that you have to work hard.


  • There is a transparent disclaimer, so you can get information about your earning potential before you have to sign up.


  • The 60 day money back guarantee gives you a safety net. A word of warning though. If you do go ahead and purchase Coffee Shop Millionaire, do it via Clickbank. Clickbank is the host for Coffee Shop Millionaire. They’re totally reliable and are very quick to process refunds. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard the same thing from unhappy customers who have tried to deal directly with Anthony.


  • The three principles underlying the system are pretty sound, we agree with them.


Worst things about Coffee Shop Millionaire:

  • The introductory video is loooong, and pretty poor quality. Hopefully we’ve saved you the hassle of watching it by describing it to you. You’d be better off watching this short video if you want to learn more about making money online:

the coffee shop millionaire review


But wait, there’s more.

  • The training at Coffee Shop Millionaire sounds vague. And with no option to try for free before you buy, how can you tell what you’re getting in for?


  • Anthony will tell you in one breath that Coffee Shop Millionaire is not for getting rich quick, but he turns around and says you can make $21,000 in 21 days. That confuses me, and I’m pretty sure I’m not stupid!


  • There is a lot of scaremongering about people’s jobs being replaced by computers. You’ll also be told off if you watch the video but decide not to purchase the system! I think it’s a bit unnecessary to use such low tactics to get people to buy things. It seems a wee bit desperate, don’t you think?


  • I got confused again. Anthony promised you can start with no outlay, and that “every step can be done for free”. Well that’s just an out and out lie. What about the $37 initial outlay?! And if you go on with the product, you will at least need to buy a website domain name.


  • In the small print of the disclaimer it says ” THE AVERAGE USER DOES NOT MAKE ANY MONEY”. So why should you believe anything he says? At least he is upfront about it though. We also saw this with Empower Network.


  • The support that goes with the program is really poor. There are loads of people wanting refunds, but are unable to contact Anthony (see advice about Clickbank above). There are lots of comments on their support page which have gone unanswered. Their facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2013.Seems like Anthony has made his money, and left everyone in the lurch.


  • There are lots of “upsells”. A couple are give away to you as a “bonus” when you first sign up, but then you’ll be bombarded with other high ticket items that Anthony will scare you into thinking you need to have in order to make money online.


Em and Andy, would you guys use Coffee Shop Millionaire?

Nope, nosirree. There are lots of reasons why not.

– We don’t use anything we can’t try for free first. And we certainly wouldn’t recommend something to you that we don’t like ourselves!

– The video was really annoying and contradicted itself a few times, which does not bode well for what the training might offer.

-The number of unsatisfied customers we came across in our research was also a huge negative.

If you’re looking for what we do use, every day, to make our online business work,


===> click here to read the review of the training we’ve been following ourselves  <===


Coffee Shop Millionaire is a video training program that appears to offer little value for money and leaves its users unsatisfied and confused. We would not recommend anything like this, it’s only going to add to your stress and frustration and cost you money. It will not help you downsize your debts, only your wallet and your confidence.

Our verdict: C- (5 out of 10)

If you have any experiences with Coffee Shop Millionaire, we’d love to hear your stories. Please leave us a comment.


Happy downsizing,



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