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total money makeover worksheets

Need some help with your budget?

Hi all, Andy here today.

It’s been a lovely sunny afternoon here in Christchurch, and I thought we’d spread the sunny glow by sharing another awesome, free money-saver with you.

This tool (the Total Money Makeover worksheets) is a kit that is going to help you pin-point exactly where your cash is going each month (give it a go, you are going to be surprised) and with changing your mindset about money.


Name:  Belinda Rosenblum’s Total Money Makeover Kit


Price: free (bu if you like the Total Money Kit, you will want to buy some of Belinda’s other products)

Grade: B+


What is the Total Money Makeover Kit?

total money makeover worksheets

This is Belinda, she’ll help you for free

The kit is an 18 page PDF, which you can download for free using the link above. It’s laid out in a very user friendly format, and is easy to understand and use.

It’s the brainchild of Belinda Rosenblum, the owner of

Belinda studied accounting at university, but during that time her father suffered a stroke. Belinda had to take the family’s finances over at the age of 21, when she had never had to manage anything like that before. She learned the hard way, straight in the deep end.

She has combined her own experiences with her accounting knowledge to create a series of books and seminars to help people manage their money. It’s the help she would have liked herself.


Who is the Total Money Makeover Kit for?

The kit would benefit anyone who wants to track their spending and/or change their relationship with money.

The money tracking template allows you to estimate what you think you spend, then plug in what you actually spend, and see the difference. This can be a real lightbulb moment for many: we may think we know where our money is going, but often we don’t.

The other sections help you work through your thoughts with money, and change negative thoughts into positive.

Finally, there is a year planner broken down into different chunks of time (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) to help you lay out your money goals for going forward.


Best things about the Total Money Makeover Kit:

  • I love numbers, so I love the tracking template. So cool to see what you think you spend vs what you actually do
  • The thought changing sections are really insightful (Em reckons they’re empowering, but that’s a bit girly for me)
  • The year planner really helps you visualize exactly what you will do, which will give you a feeling of control over your money (don’t know about you, but debt can make me feel out of control )


Worst things about the Total Money Makeover Kit

  • It’s 18 pages, so quite a lot of reading
  • Takes quite a long time to go through the whole kit (but worth it, it my opinion)


Total Money Makeover Kit price

As we’ve already said, this kit is free. All you have to do is follow the link and sign up for it.


Em and Andy, would you guys use the Total Money Makeover Kit?

Yep, we already have. We’re using the tracking template, and are working on plugging things into the planner.



We think the Total Money Makeover Kit is a nice free resource, and there is nothing to lose by checking it out.

Our verdict: B+


Come back and let us know what you think of this resource, and make sure to check out our number one, top recommendation as well.



Happy downsizing,



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  • Mark

    Hi Andy

    This a great review of a handy little tool that can help many people who worry about their budget.

    You give it extra value by using it yourself and saying that you find it helps you and the link takes you straight to it…simple and effective.

    The kit doesn’t need a lot of explaining but you do that succinctly with a minimum of fuss.

    Thanks for bringing this kit to people’s attention Andy, I’m sure it help a great deal of them.


  • David Bishop

    Hi Andy, I must agree, very informative website. So informative, I went along and requested Belinda’s money make-over kit. I am in the process of going through the 18 pages information. I really believe everyone needs this kit.
    I will highly recommend this to my family and friends. Most of all you are actually giving away this valuable money make-over kit for free. Thank you. I will definitely check out your other products.

    • Andy

      Hi David,

      That’s fantastic to hear, we’re glad you enjoyed the post and are finding the kit helpful. It was certainly an eye opener for us! And we just love finding free resources for people :)

  • Fidel

    You are right. Many of us don’t really know where our money goes to but think we already do.

    i guess this money make over kits will help open the leakage holes and help us seal it before we lose more money through t hat channel

    But just like you said it is a lengthy book. And I hate reading.

    Is there a video version of it?

    • Em

      Thanks Fidel, yeah we want to help people really track their spending.

      It is quite a lengthy document, and unfortunately there is no video of it at the moment… Belinda does have educational videos on other topics, but you’d have to pay for them. I’ll pass your great suggestion along to her!

  • Emmanuel

    I think you do a good job at pointing us in the right direction Emily. It just happens that I have been trying to track my exact budget for this month so it is a welcome relief to me to find a good tracking tool that is absolutely free. You are going to help a chunk of other people with their debt really. Thanks for all the hard work.

    • Andy

      Hi Emmanuel,

      Sounds like you found just the tool for what you need! We were amazed at our own spending when we put it into the tracker, it’s a real eye opener! We thought we were pretty savvy with our money before, but we’re certainly better now.

  • John

    I stopped working this year and my income has changed a bunch. Old budgets will not work with my new income level so I am going to check out the total money makeover kit.
    As I did not have any income for three months this year, I have dug myself a little hole to dig out of.
    Tracking where all of the money goes will help a bunch, I will be able to see where I spend money that is not needed to survive.

    • Andy

      Hey John,

      You have brought up a really good point: that we should review our budgets whenever our circumstances change. It’s som important to be able to adapt to our situation, and I hope you find the total money makeover sheets helpful with your new budget!


    Simple, informative, constructive and right to the point.
    I have the habit of tracking my expenses so that I know I am within the limits every month.
    I do suggest opening several bank accounts where you use them for Bills, Savings and Expenses. As long as you do not touch any dime from the Savings account you are ok.

    • Andy

      That’s a really smart idea having different accounts for different purposes. It really helps you see exactly where your money is and what you need to use it for. Great tip for our readers!

      Our bank let us set up a pool of accounts, that all fall under the same umbrella. We have one pool of money but its divided up into separate areas like you suggest, but we can see the total of what we have in the pool and move money around as needed (not touching the savings of course!). It’s really helpful and easy to see everything.

  • Marc M

    A tool that may help me balance my budget – invaluable. That will put me in a better place than most budgets :) Thanks for reviewing and sharing. I am looking forward to checking out your other tips on how to downsize my debt.

    I would go as far as grading this tool a B++!

  • Chris

    Wow what a pretty awesome idea and even more surprising to be found for free! I thought just about everything worthwhile cost money online these days!
    I’ll have to download this and give it a quick look over – is it hard to get your head around? No tricky spreadsheets or stuff like that?

  • Caroline

    Thanks for bringing this free tool to my attention. I’m an accountant by day, but I love analysing and tracking my family finances on a frequent basis and I’m always looking for easier ways to do this. We’re not tight for money at the moment since both my husband and I have successful jobs, but I’m due with our second child in January and we will be needing to make some sacrifices whilst on maternity leave. This tool should help me to spot where we can easily save big on some non essential items .

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