Review: 5 Dollar Dinners

Hey all, Em here today.

We’re kicking off our product reviews page with a subject very dear to my heart: food! Our grocery budget and the amount of money we spend on take out can have a big influence on our weekly spending and ability to pay back debt, so I’m taking a look at a site that can help you manage your food bill better, with some wonderful 5 dollar dinner ideas.

5 dollar dinner ideas

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Name: 5 Dollar Dinners


Price: free, up to $10

Grade: A+


What is 5 Dollar Dinners?

5 Dollar Dinners is the website of Erin Chase, a mom to four boys who is on a mission to help you save money in the kitchen and take the hassle out of meal planning.

Erin has a wealth of recipes and meal plans available on her site. They range from free printables (there are even some six week meal plans that are free) through to $10 e books. One of my favorite features of the site are the Costco and Sam’s meal plans, where Erin shows you how to get 20 meals for $150! She is one clever cookie!


Who is 5 Dollar Dinners for?

We’d say it’s for anyone who wants to feed their family good, wholesome food without having to think about it too much.

It’s even better for those wanting to achieve the above on a very tight budget or while trying to pay off their debts.


Best things about 5 Dollar Dinners

  • lots of free recipes and meal plans to get you started
  • very reasonable pricing on paid items
  • “how to” videos on common cooking techniques for those who are not confident in their cooking skills
  • free weekly emails with tips and recipes
  • user friendly search function


Worst things about 5 Dollar Dinners

  • really annoying video ads start playing at the bottom of the screen (my computer just kept starting to talk to me, it was a bit creepy)
  • there are a lot of recipes… this might be overwhelming for you if you’re just starting out with budgeting groceries
  • no nutritional information with recipes (remember, Em is a dietitian in her day job! We are nitpicking a bit here)
5 dollar dinner ideas

Click to try the 20 meals for $150 plans

5 Dollar Dinners Price

Free for lots of the information, and ranging up to $10 for some of the meal plans and e-books. A lot of information for not a lot of money, in our opinion.


Em and Andy, would you guys use 5 Dollar Dinners?

Heck yeah! We think it’s great. We are already pretty savvy with our grocery bill, but some of the recipes look amazing and we can’t wait to try them. First up will probably be the BBQ chicken street tacos, they look so fresh and tasty! And FYI, recipe cost reported as $5.73. Bargain!



Just to recap, 5 Dollar Dinners is here to help you for very little cash. Whether you need advice on cooking techniques, a cheap chicken recipe or 6 weeks worth of gluten free meals, 5 Dollar Dinners seems to have all your bases covered.

Our verdict: highly recommended, a big A+ from us.


Happy downsizing,

Em and Andy


  • Todd

    Hi Em and Andy,

    Awesome review of 5 dollar dinners. You got to love all the freebies that they offer. Plus you got to love the weekly email recipes to keep the your weekly menu from becoming too routine. The pop-ups can be annoying but worth all the freebies.

    At least that’s my two cents.

    Thanks for the review and take care,

    • Em

      Thanks Todd, yeah we think it’s a great site! Lots of great free information and you’re right, there is no chance to get bored with all the variety they offer :) Thanks for commenting :)

  • Justine

    This is a great review, I am definitely taking a look at this, anything that saves money on the groceries is a bonus, and I love the idea of slow cookers, especially in winter, thanks guys!!!

    • Em

      You’re welcome Justine :) We are very happy to share such great resources that we know will really help people.
      Take care,

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