THE Wealthy Affiliate review for 2015: get the insider story

Hey all, it’s Em here.

wealthy affiliate review 2015

Puzzled about how YOU can make money online?

Andy’s off making home brew beer with his mate Steve – did we mention making your own beer is another great way to save money?! If you’ve read any of our other posts, you’ll know that while we’re all about reducing debts, we think the number one, best thing you can do for yourself is improve your income situation in some way. That is why we have such a large portion of our website dedicated to boosting that income.

Today I want to share a totally legit way to learn how to increase your income online: through Wealthy Affiliate. How do I know it’s legit? Because I use it. Every day. 


This is the Wealthy Affiliate review for 2015: the insider’s perspective and the only one you need. 

wealthy affiliate review 2015

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Why have we put a date on it? Because things change quick in internet land, and we want to keep you up-to-date with the best and latest. We want to share everything that’s great and even the not so great about Wealthy Affiliate with you. We’ll also give you our tips and hints to help you get the best from your membership (watch out for Pro tips).

You might have heard of some other money making programs out there, and even heard some horror stories. Perhaps your buddy paid seven grand for a website and ended up with zilch.

Why should you believe us? How do you know that this isn’t just another time and money waster? There are so many scams and get rich quick schemes out there at the moment, we have to be so vigilant. Read on, let us convince you. And if that’s not enough, go check out Wealthy Affiliate for free. Yep, free.

After all, getting sucked in and paying money to some internet scam would definitely be categorized as bad debt.

Owners: Kyle and Carson


Meet Kyle and Carson. They are real guys. From Canada. Which is cool, they kinda talk like us kiwis.


Established: 2005. This is your first clue that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. Longevity speaks volumes in the cut throat “make money online business”

Cost: $0 for a starter member. Upgrade to premium is $47 per month or $359 per year

Rating: A+, 9.5/10


Tell me exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is then?

At it’s most basic,  Wealthy Affiliate is two things.


An online training course that will take you step by step through the process of setting up your very own internet business (no experience required).


A very large community of like-minded people who are ready and willing to help you whenever you need it. When I say large, I mean actual thousands of people all helping each other out and encouraging each other.


These two features made Wealthy Affiliate really attractive to us.


Well, Andy and I have actually got very limited skills when it comes to anything to do with website building (coding, what’s that?), marketing (sell stuff? hmmm, that feels uncomfortable!), or even what components an internet business should have (remember, we’re a dietitian and an electrician for our day jobs). Em is good at typing, and Andy is good with photoshop, but that’s not very helpful for building an online business.


What we do have is passion to help people, some debts we really need to downsize, and some good ideas to clear them that we thought others might like. The training offered at Wealthy Affiliate has given us the tools to put everything together for this website. Frankly, without WA, this site would not exist (thanks, Kyle and Carson). Pro tip: the key to online success is a desire to help people. If you can write stuff that helps people with something, your site will be successful (and make money).


I am a “people person” as is Andy. So for me, the community aspect of Wealthy Affiliate is really important. I started my weight loss website about a year ago, on my own, with no support. I kinda foundered around with it, and it lacked direction. I felt alone and unmotivated. Pro tip: DON’T start a website if you’ve got no idea what you’re doing, you’ll waste hours and get grumpy. Head over to WA instead and get skilled up for free.


With Wealthy Affiliate, you’ve got a community of more than 100,000 people behind you, offering support and encouragement at every step. They’re very quick to answer questions, and will give you feedback on your websites. You can also check out theirs for inspiration. I certainly have a lot more energy for creating this website and continuing with my other one with the support of the Wealthy Affiliate crew behind me.


Alright, sounds reasonable. I’m not convinced though.

Really? Ok. Before I continue, let me share a short Wealthy Affiliate video so you can get a little flavor of what you can expect from the training. I’ve chosen a video explaining how to make money online, because ultimately, that’s what we want you to be doing after you’re finished looking at our website.


wealthy affiliate review 2015

Example straight from Wealthy Affiliate


Happy? Now I’ll continue to break down the awesomeness of Wealthy Affiliate for you.


  • The training is very simple and easy to follow. This is websites 101, folks. ANYONE with a bit of passion and enthusiasm for communication is going to do well. But don’t let that put you off if you’ve got a bit of experience, you will still benefit from joining.


  • The training is very comprehensive: there are courses to follow, classrooms for specific topics, live webinars, videos to review, and blogs to read from other community members.


  • The support is 24/7. Whether you have a question for the community or a technical issue with your website, you’ll never be alone. You just have to ask. This includes the site owners, Kyle and Carson. They’re very engaged with the community, too.


  • You won’t see any advertising on the Wealthy Affiliate site, and once you’ve bought your membership, that’s it. There’s no one trying to sell you anything else. There is no hidden agenda here.


  • Your website will be hosted on their very fast and secure servers. Your website will also be very pretty!


  • Wealthy Affiliate has an amazing keyword tool built into your membership. If you know what that is, you should be excited. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, you will be excited!


As a starter member, you’ll get all these certification lessons for free:

wealthy affiliate review 2015

And you’ll get 10 Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp courses, too. For free. 
Don’t forget the massive community. Or the 24/7 site support. Or the web hosting. Or the keyword tool. Or the weekly webinars. Or the online chat.


That’s a lot of great stuff. Surely there’s something wrong with it?

Well yeah. This is not an offer that’s too good to be true. Otherwise, it would look like a scam. So the two things that I’ve seen people get annoyed with at Wealthy Affiliate are these:


There is a LOT of information. I mean a LOT. And because the community is so massive, there’s lots of chat rooms and discussions to get involved in. If you decide to join, you’ll need to be careful how you spend your time there!

Pro tip: Don’t get bogged down in everything. Follow the training as it is presented, participate in discussions as you feel able, and focus on getting your website done. Don’t let all the other Wealthy Affiliate “noise” distract you from your goals.

Pro tip 2: While WA is very up to date and relevant to help you create the perfect website for today, there is still a lot of old content and information on there too. So when you’re searching around the site (trust me, you’re going to be able to find an answer to anything related to websites and online business) just check that the article you’re reading isn’t more than 2-3 years old. If it is, find a fresher one or ask the community for help. I’ve slipped up with this a couple of times myself.



You HAVE to work hard. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, therefore it is not a get rich quick scheme. I have seen many new members asking whether they will make money in their first week, and quite frankly the answer is no.

Pro tip: try to set aside some time to work on your website every day. Google likes it if you post stuff on it regularly, so make the commitment to your own success.

Our results: It took us three months and lots of hard work to make our first sale of  $8. It takes some people longer. Some people will be quicker. The key is to get your first sale, then grow from there.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the tools to take control of your own destiny through creating an online business. You still have to create the business! So get any dreams of making lots of cash even within the first few months right out of your head. However, if you do work hard and you do persevere, success will be yours. I went into WA just now and took a screen shot of successes shared by some of the members just today, check it out:

success with wealthy affiliate

Success happens every day at Wealthy Affiliate


So you can see, that like anything in life, these negative aspects can be turned around if you have the right attitude to them. If you can work hard and take information on board, you will do well with Wealthy Affiliate.


How much will it cost me to join (I’m already in debt, I don’t need more)?

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate for those who are on a tight budget or are still feeling a little skeptical, you can try it for free! You can stay a free member for as long as you like, the community will still support you and you will still get free websites.

Pro tip: while you can be a starter member for as long as you wish, you will only be able to ask the community for support in your first week. Make the absolute most of that first free week before making any decisions about signing up or not.


If you decide to sign up from here, you’ll be offered a one month special at $19 before the $47 per month kicks in. You can opt out at any time.

Another option is to buy a year subscription for $359: that means it only costs you 29.91 per month, or just $7.50 per week. That’s less than two cups of coffee! For your own business!


Just for extra clarity, the information below outlines the difference between what is available as a free member and as a paid member. Pro tip: the 30 keyword searches you are limited to is actually per day. Which is awesome.
Wealthy Affiliate review 2015


Alright, you’ve convinced me to give it a go. What do I do now?

So now you go sign up for your free trial! I’d recommend you do this before paying, get a feel for if this is something that is right for you. Here’s a link:

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review of the Wealthy Affiliate program, and feel confident in giving it a go. I know I’m really enjoying it, and it’s really helping us get on top of our debts by generating a bit more cash. It can do the same for you, if you’ve got the drive and the desire!

If you join Wealthy Affiliate, I’ll see you on the inside. I’ll do everything I can to help you. As will Kyle, Carson, and all the thousands of others.


If you have any comments you’d like to add, or an experience of Wealthy Affiliate you’d like to share with others, make sure you leave us a comment.


Happy downsizing,


em downsize your debt






photo 1 credit: www.SeniorLiving.Org


  • Wayne

    Hi Em,

    Love how you deliver your review. Your honesty shines through. Just wanted to add one of the nicest things about the Wealthy Affiliate program is I don’t have to second guess whether or not it’s working any more like I did with other programs. I Know It Works!

    I been a member for a year now and I’m more dedicated today then I was when I started out. Each class I take and implement moves my business along. I say this because I see the results in my pocketbook.

    Not to brag, just to let your readers know that this one is a winner and if your willing to put the time in the pay offs are there for you.

    I wish you all the best!


    • Em

      Hey Wayne,

      Thanks for the lovely comments :) And we love hearing about peoples success with Wealthy Affiliate, congratulations on your prospering business.

      All the best to you, too!

  • Jeff

    Hi Emily,

    First of all I loved the way that you opened your review of WA when you approached from the point that perhaps the site was nothing but a scam, like so many other business opportunities that pollute the Internet. Then you immediately stated that WA is anything BUT a scam. A great opening as you would get the attention of your readers right away. (You even stated that you hoped people were paying attention).

    You then proceeded to do a thorough analysis of WA, providing info to interested readers of all that the company has to offer. You also made it clear that it could also be overwhelming but that a new member must remain vigilant and stay on task with the training. I loved your comments about WA chat. Unless one IS careful the member could spend entirely too much time on the live chat sessions as opposed to doing what he/she needs to do to grow their business. Kyle made the same statement regarding Facebook in the training for developing niche websites that do not promote WA, (as I first developed a website devoted to my love of bicycling).

    Anyway Emily you brilliantly laid out all that the visitor would need to know in helping him/her make a decision to become a WA member – and doing it step by step.

    Great job on your part and best of luck to you in your business promoting WA!

    • Andy

      Thanks Jeff, glad you enjoyed the review and thank you for your lovely comments! Em did a lot better job than I could! We’re just trying to help people so your words of encouragement mean a lot :)

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