Imagine a life with no debt….

Hey all,

a life with no debt

Free as a bird…

Em here today. Andy and I are off on holiday to sunny Australia tomorrow, hooray! Andy’s sister lives there, can’t wait to catch up with family and soak up some sun :)

So as you might imagine, I’ve been looking forward to this holiday quite a lot. I’ve been daydreaming about all the fun we’re going to have (and all the delicious food we’re going to eat…).

This got me onto daydreaming about other things too…. like imagining a life with no debt! Is this something you can imagine too?

This is what I imagine:

I imagine a life with less of my thinking space taken up with being careful with money. We’re constantly budgeting, searching for a good deal, and watching what we’re doing. This is necessary at the moment, and it really helps us maintain a pretty good life on not much $$$ (not to mention it gives us loads of ideas for this website), but it’s tiring at a life with no debttimes, and sometimes just downright frustrating.

I imagine us growing our savings, and creating a sound financial future for our kids.

Perhaps we’d have more time to do things that are more beneficial to our community, like volunteering (I’d volunteer at our local food bank…. I spent a day there when I was completing my dietitian training and loved every second).

We’d probably go on holiday a bit more often too…. check out Andy having a great time in this photo from our honeymoon! We’d love to be able to go back to Rarotonga. That would be AMAZING.


What do you imagine?

Is it a life free from credit cards?

Perhaps the stress of student loans has been getting you down lately.

Maybe you’re imagining life without your mortgage or car loan.

You might have just got divorced and be picking yourself back up financially (and emotionally).

Whatever it is, allow yourself to daydream a little. What would a life with no debt mean for you? And for your family?


You can make it happen

A life with no debt doesn’t have to be just a dream. There are so many things you can do today to turn this into a reality.

We’re always on the lookout for tips and tools that can help people out, so if you’re feeling fired up, why not check out some of our suggestions?

– Here is a free budgeting tool.

– Here is information on how to create your very own money making website (our favorite tip, generate your own income and you can take control of those debts sooner) .

– Here is information on getting a better understanding of your debts, and how to get further help with them.

– And a less obvious one, but here’s some great meal ideas. All that thinking is going to make you hungry (really! Your brain chews through a lot of energy!). You’re going to need to nourish yourself well without blowing the bank.

You can do this

Make a life with no debt a reality for you. We’re working on ours, you can too.


Happy downsizing,


em downsize your debt





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