How to find the best keywords for SEO

Hey there, Andy here again.

Em’s been a little preoccupied with her weight loss website this week, so I’ve been charged with the very important task of continuing our “make money online” series by telling you how to find the best keywords for SEO. If you’re really wanting to give this online thing a crack to burst your debt bubble, this is going to be one of the best tools in your kit.

Here’s a definition of SEO, along with an explanation of why you’re gonna need it for your website.

Now to be able to do SEO effectively, you’re gonna need a good tool to help you out. We introduced you to the tool we use, Jaaxy, in our websites for beginners post. We even got you to try it out. In today’s article, we’re gonna go deep inside Jaaxy and have a really good look at all the features.

So hold on to your hats and enjoy our walkthrough of Jaaxy. As you can see from the screen shot, there are a TON of features available, you’re gonna get to know them all today!

how to find the best keywords for SEO

Don’t forget: you can try it free!

We’ll make sure to leave you a link at the bottom, but we’d better crack on.

Within SEARCH:

This is probably the main feature of Jaaxy you’ll want to get started with, so let’s cover it off first. There are seven (yes SEVEN) features within the search tab in Jaaxy, that’s a whole lotta info you can get to gain an edge over your cometitors.




Enter your keyword into the search box, hit find keywords, and you’re off. I’ve done a wee example for you above: I searched for the keyword “can I reduce my debt”

(Note for new players: this is a longtail keyword, it has more than one word. you want to go for these)

  • You can now see the keyword, and any keywords Jaaxy thinks it might be related to.
  • Avg: the average number of searches this keyword gets in google per month (higher number is better)
  • Traffic: how many hits your site could expect to receive if it was on page one of Google for that keyword (higher number is better)
  • QSR: how many other sites are also using that exact keyword to try and get traffic to their sites (lower number is better, ideally under 100)
  • KQI: how strong the other competition is (traffic light, green is best)
  • SEO: a score of 1-100 which is a rating of how good the keyword is (higher number is better)
  • Domains: this tells you if a domain name is available for that keyword.

You can see from the example above that going off all these indicators, “credit card reduce debt” looks like a good keyword: it has a high search volume and traffic, there aren’t many sites competing for that keyword and the SEO is 95. BUT: that keyword does not make grammatical sense, so you can’t use it. That is my one word of caution about using Jaaxy, it will give you ideas for keywords that are not correct. You’ll be using your keywords in your article headings and content, so this is a very important factor to consider.

Take another look, which keyword do you think is best? I’ll tell you my answer at the bottom.

Wanna try the keyword tool out yourself, right this very second? Here you go!


Alphabet soup

Feeling unsure about how to come up with a keyword, let alone find out if it’s any good? Then alphabet soup is for you, my friend. Basically, you take a root keyword (let’s use weight loss in our example), and then work through the alphabet to see if you can come up with a longtail keyword with good numbers like we saw above. So, weight loss + a, weight loss + b, etc.

Here’s a picture of how Jaaxy helps you out with coming up with great keywords, with some suggestions it has found for us, just with the letter a and b. We could then add those to a list and test them out to see if the numbers are good.



Saved lists

This one is pretty easy to understand. Basically, you can create different keyword lists, and save them for later. For example, for this website, we have a list of keywords for credit cards, mortgages,

Search history

Thought you’d stumbled across a really good keyword the other day, and now can’t remember what the heck it was? No fear, it will be saved here in your search history, along with the date and time you searched for it.

Search analysis

This is one of my favorite Jaaxy features, because it kinda lets you spy on your competition! :)  So there will be other websites targeting the same keywords as you. You’re gonna want to know who they are, and how they’re using them. Search analysis has got you covered:


I’ve plugged in the keyword we found above using Alphabet Soup for “weight loss + a”: weight loss and hair loss. What you can see in the picture is the top 2 results in Google for that keyword right now. On the first one, I’ve opened up the “view details” button, to find out how many words that article has, and all sorts of other info that we’ll cover another day.

Make sure you use this ninja trick to see who your competition is. Then go and write a better article so you can outrank them in the search engines.

Affiliate programs

This is an awesome timesaver to help you find affiliate products to promote on your website. To get a grasp on affiliate marketing, read our article all about it. Jaaxy will help you find affiliate programs to help you get your website cashed up.


Got a root keyword you want to investigate? Don’t want to do alphabet soup? Save the keyword to your brainstorm list, then go ahead and click brainstorm for a whole heap of great keyword ideas.


Site rank

This nifty feature lets you find out how well your keywords are performing. Your website, articles, and keywords are going to go up and down in the search engine rankings all the time, and you can check at exactly where they are using the site rank feature. Not only will you find out how your article is performing for the keword, but whether this is better or worse than the last time you checked.

Pro tip: if you are not ranking on the first 20 pages of Google, the site rank will tell you it can’t find you. Sometimes, this is true. Other times, if you run the search again, it will find you. This is one small niggle I’ve experienced with Jaaxy.



As you can probably tell, Jaaxy is a very detailed tool with lots of components. It can take a while to get your head around it (it took Em and I quite a bit of playing with it to get it all figured out). Luckily, there are some really handy videos in the training section of Jaaxy to help you out.

We have a link to an excellent Jaaxy walkthrough video here

I highly recommend you take a look to solidify everything we’re teaching you today. ‘Cos it’s quite a lot to get your head around.


Affiliate program

So we’ve talked about affiliate programs. Well guess what? You can promote Jaaxy and make money doing that, too, if you want! Cool huh?


How much does Jaaxy cost?

You can try it free. We’d never recommend anything that doesn’t have something you can do for free, because we know how crucial every penny is when you’re trying to downsize your debts. Here’s a nice picture that shows you what you get for free vs. paying for Jaaxy. At the moment, Em and I are on the middle category.

jaaxy overview

Like what you see? Click the image to sign up


To really get the best from Jaaxy and your online business, combine it with Wealthy Affiliate.


Oh and before I forget, I think the best keyword on the screen shot was “can I reduce my credit card debt”. It has the best numbers, and it makes grammatical sense. Go back and have a look.

Happy downsizing (and SEO mastering),


andy downsize your debt





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