Website building for beginners part 2: your free SEO keyword tool

Hey all, Andy here SEO keyword tool

Hope you enjoyed Em’s article on building a website yesterday. It’s so exciting having your own little piece of the internet, but it’s even more exciting if other people can find your webpage and read what you’ve written.

The more people that can find your page, the better your chances of being able to use it as a business opportunity to boost your income.

How the heck do you ensure this happens? With your free SEO keyword tool, that’s how!

I had no idea what SEO stood for when Em And I started this, and assumed that if we just started writing our website, we’d automatically get loads of interested people reading it, because (lets face it) the site is awesome :)

I was wrong

Turns out yes, it’s great to write useful and interesting content. That’s why the site exists. But no one could find it! We were getting ZERO visitors per day. This made us sad.  And confused! Why wasn’t Google sending people to our awesome site?

We weren’t using keywords properly to help people find us!

You need a good keyword tool


What’s SEO? This stands for search engine optimization. It basically means making it easy for search engines to find your site.


What’s a keyword? It’s a term people are searching for when they are using something like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Here’s an example from Google:


free seo keyword tool

You can see that it doesn’t have to be one word, like “debt”. It can be a phrase, like “how to downsize your debt”. In fact, the longer the keyword, the less competition it should have. For example, there will be loads of people typing “weight loss” into Google, but less typing in “weight loss for college students”.

The aim of the game is to choose a keyword that will land your site on the first page of Google (~70% of internet searches are done via Google). If you’re on page 20, it’s unlikely anyone is going to find your site!

How do you do that? By choosing keywords with less competition. The less competition you have, the higher up the rankings your website can climb. This is especially important when you’re a new website that’s just starting out at this.

You can see above that Google will suggest keywords. But how do you know if these are good keywords? A good keyword is one that:

  • gets searched for lots
  • does not have many other websites competing for the same keyword (the less competition, the higher up the search rankings your page will be)
  • one that you can create some interesting content with

To be sure you’re using good keywords, you need a good keyword tool.


The best free keyword tool

We have used a tool called Jaaxy to help us with our keywords. Jaaxy is free to try (you’ll get 30 free searches: use them carefully), so again we recommend you have a play with it before making any investment in it.

We like Jaaxy because:

  • it can help you find keywords
  • it will tell you how much competition there is for keywords
  • it can even tell you where your site is ranked in Google (Em tends to check this stat a little compulsively…beware of getting mired in stats!)

Pretty cool, huh? Want to check it out right now? Go on then!

Want to know more?

I had no idea how to use tools like this when Em and I started this page.

It’s all very well to go ahead and try them out, but if you’re a total beginner like we were, then watching a video on how it works can help. Especially if you don’t want to fritter away those 30 free searches.

Here’s a video explaining all about keywords and a walk-through of how Jaaxy works from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate (he created Jaaxy, so he knows what he’s talking about).

keyword research video

learn all about mastering keywords here

Go ahead and try Jaaxy, come back and let us know what you think. We loved it so much, we became paid members of it after a week. It’s now one of our most important tools we use for planning this website. We’d be lost without it.

Keyword research is critical to get right when building a profitable website, so we really hope you’ve found this helpful :)

Looking for more help with starting your online business? Click here >>>


Happy downsizing,


andy downsize your debt





image by Danard Vincente, CC 2.0,


  • Kathy

    It’s always good to have access to free tools, anything that helps with the process of earning and therefore downsizing your debt!

    I’ve used Google to search for keywords in the past but find Jaaxy much more effective. I did use the free trial at Jaaxy to start with but quickly upgraded it was so good!

    I like the Jaaxy feature that lets you check your keyword rank, very useful for seeing if you need to “tweak” your post.

    This is a helpful article for anyone just starting to learn about keyword tools, thank you. :)

    • Andy

      Thank you for your comment Kathy :)

      Yeah, we love helping people out by finding stuff for them that they can try for free.

      You’re right, is Jaaxy a very powerful tool for getting your kewords right, and can save a lot of time. Sounds like you’ve got the process down to a fine art :)

  • Mark D

    Jaaxy looks like a great tool. I normally use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, but it takes a long time to check the competition and get really good keywords. I give Jaaxy a try as it looks like a huge time-saver for me. I especially like the colour coded search results, to identify keywords easier.

    • Em

      Thanks for stopping by Mark :)

      We agree, Jaaxy is much more user friendly, and saves a lot of time too. Good point about the color coded search results, makes them very easy to interpret.

  • Peter

    Hey Guys I totally agree Jaxxy is an awesome keyword tool and easy to use and it doesn’t have any unnecessary or complex data that you don’t need and together with the education you get from Wealthy Affiliate (that you are also promoting) Anyone would have all the tools and learning they need to make a living online. I am pleased you are pointing people in the right direction when it comes to creating a sustainable online business because there are so many scams out there it’s hard to know which are legit and which are not.
    Good work and congratulations on helping people achieve success. :)

    • Em

      Thanks for the kind words Peter, glad to hear from someone else who thinks Jaaxy is great too :)

      We totally agree with you: it’s simplicity is one of the best things about it.

  • Fidel

    I have always had a challenge searching for keywords for my site.and even when I do,I am unable to tell how many competitors I have for that keyword.this makes it difficult for me to get unto the first page of Google.
    Thank you for suggesting this tool
    I will surely check it out

    • Andy

      Thank you for your comment, we’re glad you’ve found this post helpful. We agree, it can get very confusing trying to figure out your competition without some good tools!

  • Joanne

    I agree Jaaxy is a great little keyword tool, but it can also help find untapped niches as well and so much more!

    I had used up my 30 searches pretty quickly and decided to purchase at $19/mo. – absolutely delighted!
    I hate spending money, but this time it was an easy decision.

    Do you have any tricks/techniques you use?

    • Em

      Hi Joanne,

      Glad to hear from someone else who loves Jaaxy! We love it too, but are still uncovering just what a little goldmine it is. We will definitely be doing a future post with tricks and techniques to get even more from it, so make sure you check back.

      Thanks for the comment :)

  • Sheila

    Hi Andy and Em,
    I love your site and all the helpful information. I am part of Wealthy Affiliate network as well and find its tools and learning resources invaluable. I to have signed up for a free trial Jaaxy account but really haven’t used it all that much instead I have opted for the free keyword tool within WA and though it takes a few extra steps to get your keywords it is unlimited and free to premium WA members. On your suggestions for credit card users, do you use a points credit card? We also do this with all our monthly expenses and pay it off each month then at the end of the year we have accumulated enough points for airfare to use for a vacation. I wish you the best success in your online buisness

    • Em

      Hi Sheila, thanks for your comment :)

      We agree, wealthy affiliate is a fantastic program that so many people can use with ease. You’re right, the free keyword tool available there is a good option if you can’t afford Jaaxy after the free trial is up.

      On credict cards: we don’t have a points one ourselves, but we do use other points programs associated with our shopping. Thats a great suggestion you have for accruing points via your monthly expenses, and then using it to treat yourself. Keep your eyes out for a post on this topic soon :)

  • Chris

    This is a tool I’ve never come across before – how old is it now?
    I thought I was pretty clued up on the keyword research scene but this seems to have slipped under the radar!
    I’m looking for a tool that has a more extreme view of competition – the free options I’ve tried online seem to be a little off with this.
    Does this Jaaxy have a decent competition parameter and if so is it pretty precise?

    • Em

      Hi Chris,

      Jaaxy could be just what you’re looking for. I’m not sure exactly how long it’s been around for, but it’s a good few years at least.

      It has a great competition parameter called the QSR: if you go into the free searches you get with your Jaaxy sign-up, you’ll see what I mean. The lower the QSR, the less websites out there competing for the same keyword. The other thing you need to look at is the KQI: this should be green (red or yellow indicates you’ll have a tougher time getting ranked for that keyword).

      So Jaaxy is a nice visual tool that’s simple to use once you understand the parameters. Watch this space for a post on stuff just like this.

      Thanks for the comment :)

  • Paul

    I’ve used Jaaxy myself, and am nearing the end of my free trial. I do like that it’s simple to use and how I can organize my keyword lists related to whatever website I’m working on at the time. I’m focusing on those long tail keywords at the beginning while I establish a good relationship between my site and the search engines, then I would like to focus on some of the more competitive ones.

    • Andy

      Sounds like you’ve got a great strategy in place there Paul. Great idea to go after those longtail keywords to drive that initial traffic, then start aiming for the competition once your site is established. Good luck with it and come back to tell us how you get on!

  • Sean S

    Hey Andy thanks for the post.

    Keywords are so incredibly useful, and something that people don’t think about when they first build a website (I know that I did not initially). I like your review and video about Jaaxy, and think that it is quite a powerful tool.

    I know there are quite a few out there, do you have experience with any other tools?

    • Andy

      Hey Sean,

      You’re welcome, thanks for commenting :)

      Jaaxy is so easy to use, especially for beginners. We hadn’t realized the importance of keywords either when we first started out, but now we find great ones all the time.

      In terms of other tools, we looked at Market Samurai, but we like user friendly tools suitable for everyone and we couldn’t get our heads around it!

  • Yuko

    The concept of Keywords really confused me when I first started out. I encountered the same problem as you mentioned here. My site was full of good content but no one came visit it!

    Now I understand that a good keyword tool is indispensable for my online success. I’ve been using Jaaxy too, and it has greatly helped with my website ranking. I highly recommend to your readers to give Jaaxy a try as it comes with 30 free searches. They’ll be surprised how easy it is to use!


    • Em

      You are so right Yoko, I also remember when we were starting out with this site, we thought we were writing great stuff and couldn’t for the life of us figure out why no one was coming to read it!! Jaaxy really has helped us get more people visiting our site, it’s exciting seeing the numbers go up every week :)

  • Laurie

    Andy, this is such a relevant topic. As bloggers, we work so hard on creating helpful, original content; what’s the point of no one sees. It’s so important to optimize the keywords so we get picked up and ranked by the search engines. Using Jaaxy is a great suggestion for finding the best keywords for SEO. I particularly like that you can try it for free to see how well it works.

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