Frugal living on a dime: not as hard as you’d think

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Em here today. Phew we’ve been busy lately! So much going on both with this site and my weight loss site, it’s a very exciting time for us.

Today I want to review a very special website I discovered recently. This website is one that will inspire you. It will help you. It will give you practical advice and tasty recipes.


frugal living on a dime


It is: and their slogan is “save time, save money, save your sanity”.

Sound pretty good so far doesn’t it! Frugal living on a dime can be really tough, or seem like a lot of hard work. This website will become one of your go-to’s for helpful tips for the day to day stuff, like cheaper groceries, cooking, and general tips.

The site is probably best for stay at home moms, as a lot of the articles are geared towards that specific group of people, but there are loads of great tips that everyone can use.


What they’ve got 

Here’s a brief run-down of the types of information available for free on the website:

A store

penny pinching mama

Buy now

Yep, the livingonadime site has a veritable library available for purchase! There are 13 books in total, and I won’t go through them all here, but just show you a couple of them.

1. Penny Pinching Mama by Jill Cooper

Want to read how a single mother of two started her own business (with no money) and paid off $35,000 debt in 5 years? Oh, and did I mention her income was $1000 per month at the time?

Read her story and get a whole bunch of ninja money saving tips while you’re at it.

2. Pretty for Pennies

pretty for pennies

Buy now

If you’re anything like me, you live in a state of horror at how expensive all the lotions and potions us women put on our skin are. This short book contains a whole host of simple to make beauty solutions, such as your very own hot oil treatments or your own luxurious bath bombs. Definitely worth the $6.99 price in my opinion, that’s the same as one tub of my regular mosturizer.

Most of the books are available both in print or e-book format. The site is unable to ship print books outside of the USA at the moment, but some of the titles are available on Amazon, which does ship around the world. 

Frugal living

This section of the website is one of my favorites, and it’s where you’ll find lots of general tips and tricks to live well on a budget. Some of the articles I’ve enjoyed reading have been about:

  • how to save money on credit card fees
  • ways to stop impulse buying (Emily! Step AWAY from the clothes store!)
  • teaching kids about money (if you like the sound of this, you’ll also like our games and books to help kids learn about money)

Save on food

This section is also full of helpful how-to’s and tips you might have been wondering about. I’ve refreshed my knowledge on how long food can keep in the freezer, found some cheap food ideas for our next road trip, and found some new quick/easy recipes (although why these weren’t in the recipe section I’m not quite sure).


I have to admit I was actually a little disappointed by this section of the site. It looks promising with all its categories (wow, recipes for beverages? and gluten free? and leftovers? so much variety), but is a bit of a let down on the delivery. The recipes are jumbled and a bit annoying to read.

I checked out the main meals section for you, which is often a big food expense, and found pork chop recipes mixed up with peanut butter cookie recipes. Bit weird, but maybe it’s a new taste sensation I’m not yet aware of, rather than a website glitch :) .

If you want delicious, budget friendly recipes that are more user friendly, read THIS.


The key to living well on a budget really is in being organized, so there are some really helpful tips in here. My personal favorite is the quick spring cleaning checklist: I hate cleaning and I’ll be sticking this list on our fridge next time we clean the house!


So as you can see, there is a lot of great information on the site to make living on a budget easier than you’d think it could ever be. I highly recommend you check it out, and maybe even buy a book. Make sure to come back and tell us what you think.

But if you’re wanting to do away with budgeting forever, read THIS.


Happy downsizing,


em downsize your debt




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