Does debt make you angry?

does debt make you angryHi all, Em here today,

We’re going to talk about feelings for a little bit. (Andy was very happy to leave this post up to me, I can tell you!)

This post is for you if you ever feel plain old p***ed off with your debts. I know Em and I do at times and we think its perfectly natural:being in debt can be draining, stressful, and takes up a lot of thinking space in your head. And that can make you pretty gosh darn angry or annoyed. So if this is you, please don’t feel like you are alone, these are normal emotions.

We try to grab hold of that negativity we feel, and (try to) channel it into doing something positive with it (and is part of the reason why this site was born). We’re not saying you need to turn every negative into a positive (because geez, some of those positivity and gratefulness sites make me mad too), but you might as well use all the energy you have to improve your situation.


Debt is stressful

does debt make you angry and stressedThere are lots of reasons why debt can be stressful. It can feel like a massive weight pressing on our shoulders, that we can’t escape.

Debt can impact on your ability to do many things. For some people, it can even affect their ability to feed their family, or pay the electricity bill. And if that isn’t stressful, I can’t think of what is.

We can feel like we are never going to get away from the debt: being stuck with something you don’t want is stressful.

Even if your debt is “good”, for example the mortgage on your family house, there can be an ongoing anxiety about meeting the payments and keeping that house.

Perhaps you’re worried about your credit rating. That’s pretty stressful too.

I could go on, but anymore thinking about all the stress debt can cause is making me need a cup of tea and a lie down!


Debt can make you feel out of control

This can be a particularly real risk if you have debts that just keep on getting bigger like credit cards, where the monthly interest keeps adding to the debt.

If all our resources are going towards servicing our debts, we are unlikely to feel like we will ever experience financial freedom.


Turning it around

Are you still with me? I hope I’ve put a bit of fire into you to get yourself free from your own debts as quickly as possible, and save yourself all those draining and negative emotions associated with them.

This is the bit where I remind you that if you can harness that energy, and channel it into building yourself some extra income (try our top recommendation ), you’ll get rid of those debts much faster than everyone else.

This means more time and financial resources for you and your family to enjoy the things you want, more often, without being dictated to by bills flooding through your mail box.


If you’d like to vent about your debts, or share a tip to deal with emotions associated with debt, please leave us a comment below.


Happy downsizing,



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