How to find the best keywords for SEO


Hey there, Andy here again. Em’s been a little preoccupied with her weight loss website this week, so I’ve been charged with the very important task of continuing our “make money online” series by telling you how to find the best keywords for SEO. If you’re really wanting to give this online thing a crack to burst your debt bubble,

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How do you make money with blogging?


Hello friends, Andy here today. I just realized we hadn’t done a post for our “boost your income” category for a while, sorry ’bout that! Em and I have been sharing our work on this site with a few friends, which inevitably leads to the question: How do you make money with blogging? In our website building for beginners article,

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Website building for beginners part 2: your free SEO keyword tool

free SEO keyword tool

Hey all, Andy here today. Hope you enjoyed Em’s article on building a website yesterday. It’s so exciting having your own little piece of the internet, but it’s even more exciting if other people can find your webpage and read what you’ve written. The more people that can find your page, the better your chances of being able to use

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