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sort your debts, control your finances

Celebrating our honeymoon, and looking forward to a debt free life!

Hi there…

We’re Andy and Em, and we’re here to help you sort your debts and take control of your finances.

We’re just regular people, we’re not financial advisers, or bankers, or anything of the sort! In fact, Andy’s an electrician and Em’s a dietitian, so we couldn’t be further from that. We got married last year: that’s a picture of us in Rarotonga on our honeymoon (perhaps we’ll go back when we’re totally debt free).

We have no hidden agenda, we’re just here to help. We’re in the same boat as many of you, and want to help you take action!

We have debt too!

We’ve recently taken on a mortgage, we’re paying student loans off….. we have a fair amount of debt. And it’s frustrating! Sometimes it’s really hard to even understand how the debts work (particularly the mortgage for us). The light at the end of the tunnel can also seem impossible at times.

We built this website to share the tips we utilize to manage and understand our debts, plan our budgets, and share some advice about increasing your financial freedom through making money online (electricians and dietitians make decent wages, but we want to be debt free SOONER).

Once again, no agenda here, only help and opportunity.

We hope you enjoy the site,

Andy and Em


  • Angel

    Dear Andy and Em,

    It is an enormous honor to meet you. I can relate to you both quite easily. I do want to get out of debt, be financially free, and to pay off those student loans faster rather than later. I don’t like the fact interest rates just tend to go up without further warning. I believe I can strongly benefit from your experiences and expertise provided here since I want to better manage my spending. I want to conserve and reserve my money for better expenses rather than waste it needlessly on materials I will never use.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success and future endeavors,


    • Em

      It’s nice to meet you, too :). Sounds like you’ve got very similar goals to us, drop us a line if there’s anything specific we can help with.

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